Why Pottery?

From the moment that I bought my first piece of pottery, I was hooked. There is something supernatural about holding a creation in your hand that was once dust but is now a masterpiece. Every piece that I choose is magnificent to me. As a potter in Maine once told me, “Erin, you are all about the imperfect pieces. You just love the ones with cracks.”

I believe the Lord molded each of us and sees us as a masterpiece—cracks and all. Furthermore, our callings in life are directly related to the way God molded us. So, today, be encouraged that you were fearfully and wonderfully made to live out the purposes He has for your life. You do not lack anything, and He never makes mistakes because He is the Master potter.

Be Rooted: Isaiah 64:8

Recommended Resource: “Hope Heals”, Katherine & Jay Wolf

Thriving Together,