What questions are you asking?

Asking the right questions to the right sources is critical in gaining further understanding. Beyond mastery of knowledge, this process propels purpose and direction. I love asking questions and I love engaging with questions. In my experience, the willingness to ask a question, even if it is not the right question at the right time, postures my mind and soul to a new thought or vision. By posing a question, my perspective is simply I do not have all the answers, I need help. Whether you are one who naturally loves the notion of inquiry or would prefer to run from this cycle, it informs your purpose and direction.

Purpose in its purest form is the reason to do something or not do something answering the question of why am I alive? Direction in its purest form is the step(s) being taken towards something answering the question where should I go? This is a wrestling we all participate in intentionally or not. So, what questions are you asking in your life right now? Where do you go to find wisdom and understanding? Your purpose and direction are directly influenced by it—let’s be deliberate about it.

Recommended Resource: “Good Leaders ask Great Questions” by John C. Maxwell

Be Rooted: James 1:5

Thriving Together,

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