What piece of God’s heart are you carrying?

What makes you glad? What makes you sad? What do you frequently think and read about? Who do you feel most led to serve? Ultimately, what captures your heart? Is it art, education, justice, animals, photography? Fill-in-the-blank. Many refer to these as your “passions” which is a helpful starting point. A little deeper, what are your spiritual gifts? How are you using your spiritual gifts? Further, what has the Lord told you about the alignment of your passions and your spiritual gifts? These three steps represent what Don Cousins refers to as the “zone of anointing”. It is the piece of God’s heart that you are carrying; it is the place where your passions and spiritual gifts serve as allies. It is the space in your life that brings fulfillment, and you feel you are “in the zone”. In this place, God speaks to you and your direction is clear. It is the life we all desire.

For me, coming alongside individuals who are deeply pursuing: Identity (who am I?), Purpose (where am I being called?) and Direction (what steps should I take?) makes my heart sing (passions). While your life and mine are marked by different seasons and roles, what remains is ever growing passions. In a parallel form, an only God form, I am continually being equipped to pursue these passions with the spiritual gifts He has given me to connect, encourage and motivate others. This awakens me each day with renewed purpose and direction. 

So, today instead of asking yourself & others: What are your passions? What are your spiritual gifts? What line of work are you in? What school do you attend? What training fits your skill set? ASK: What piece of God’s heart are you carrying? This represents the intersection of passions, spiritual gifts & God’s voice—a combination that will change you and everything you touch from the inside out.  

Thriving Together,