What Matters and Purpose

The first question I ask when Envisioning in the coaching process is: what matters most to you? Throughout all of human history, individuals have been asking this question. So, this is not an original idea, but once that list is made a natural inquiry rises to the surface—what on earth am I hear for? This is the question of purpose. These two questions are inextricably connected, what matters generates purpose, purpose generates what ultimately matters.

Rick Warren in his best-selling text, “Purpose Driven Life”, starts with, “It’s not about you.” I love this and I believe this when considering the idea of purpose. He ultimately addresses this question of why we are on earth in a thoughtful and inspiring manner. If you read the original text, you would be encouraged to know that he has released a new edition that is even better than the original. He suggests five purposes for life that act as a tree for your life. I would add that when nurturing each of these five areas, you will know and experience a deeper level of personal purpose. According to Warren, you are planned for God’s pleasure, formed for God’s family, created to become like Christ, shaped for serving God, and made for a mission. So, does your life bring pleasure to the Lord? What does your commitment to God’s family look like? How are you growing in your relationship with God? How are you serving God? What mission are you on? Let’s answer these questions with an affirmative so that our lives are defined by purpose—a reason to tread deeply on this earth.

Recommended Resource: “Purpose-Driven Life”, Rick Warren
Be Rooted: Psalm 57:2

Thriving Together,