Take a step and we will cheer!  

Have you ever watched a video of a child first learning to walk? Maybe a live session with your own child, loved one, or friend? The excitement experienced by all involved is palpable. After watching the video or the live interaction, you never hear, “Well, that was disappointing.” Or “I really wish she had taken more steps.” Or “Show me when he has made real progress.” No, you hear, “You have got it!” Or “Look at her go!” Or “He will be running in no time!” So, what is the difference in these responses?

The difference is directly related to confidence and positive thinking. A child takes that first step with confidence thinking that any progress will be celebrated. Often in life, something happens between those first unforgettable steps and adulthood in our journey. Maybe for you it is an unexpected tragedy. Maybe a season of suffering. Maybe an unimaginable loss. Maybe an offense. No matter what your journey has been marked by, today is a new day. Take one confident step thinking positively and you will eventually be surrounded by cheers. Then, as your confidence grows your capacity will grow as well. Through Him, you can do all things! 

Recommended Resource:  Watch a video of a baby walking for the first time and feel the joy
Be Rooted: Phil 4:13

Thriving Together,