Welcome to May—undeniably one of the busiest months of the year! From my inbox
overflowing with requests and demands, it feels like an onslaught of our time, resources and
ultimately our lives. God designed us to live out of a place of Rest, every month of the year.
Because May is not an exception to His way, how do we navigate well in a month like this?

For our conversation and space, Rest is defined as a continual rhythm of renewal emotionally,
socially, mentally, and physically.
It is not a checking out of our lives, but a checking in on the
things that bring our lives renewal. A beautiful place to start is the “Wheel to Thrive”, a tool I utilize as a starting point in a coaching conversation. God created each of us to be multi-faceted, meaning that for us to be whole we must be aware of all areas of our lives and how they work together to keep our lives running smoothly. By adopting this tool, we have a simple way to evaluate how we are each doing thereby giving specific areas to make small, sustainable adjustments. So, let’s get started!

First, draw a circle. Cut the circle into four parts. Label each part: Emotionally, Mentally,
Physically, and Spiritually.
Just as you would envision the spoke on a bicycle looking, draw a
line from the center to the wheel. If you feel renewed in the area, give yourself a full spoke. If
you are not feeling renewed, then shorten the spoke. Then, as you look at the length of each
spoke, ask yourself: which area(s) do I need renewal? What steps will I take today to become

This May, I am excited to encourage, equip, and learn from this community by exploring the
following questions:

-How does Rest relate to Identity?
-How does Rest relate to Purpose?
-How does Rest relate to Direction?

I would encourage you to begin reflecting on this “Wheel to Thrive”. Are you living your life out
of a place of Rest? Let’s get renewed together.

Thriving Together,
~Erin Mander