Each one of us is traveling on a different path, but while we differ in that way, we are similar inthat we are all experiencing what is known as life. This is a journey that takes us on many roads,some are desired while others are not. It is my joy to be on the ride with you!

As travelers of life physically and metaphorically, we each understand the idea of a rest stop. The first rest stop was built in 1957 by the Illinois State Highway Department to act as a “respite”, a place to recharge and replenish. While this may have a positive, negative or comical connotation to it, the concept resonates with all of us. So, as this community grows from time-to-time, you will see a week that acts as a “rest stop”. The purpose is to remind me, and you, of what really matters and why this account exists. A time to ask yourself: What am I learning? What connections am I making? How am I growing?

This is your invitation to stop, get off, and recharge your soul. It is a time to reflect on the instruments of your life: Identity (Who am I?), Purpose (Where am I called?) and Direction (What steps should I take?). I am confident that the Master will meet you right where you are and light the way.

Thriving Together,