Why a Rest Stop?

Each one of us is traveling on a different road, but on the same journey known as life. It brings
me joy to know I am sharing the roadways with you. Over time, it is life-giving to get off at a
Rest Stop. The original purpose of a Rest Stop by the Illinois State Highway Department in 1957
was to provide a respite for travelers. When taking this literal metaphor and applying it to our
lives, there are three purposes for engaging a Rest Stop as a consistent rhythm in our lives.

First, it gives you and I the opportunity to check our instruments just like you would in a car.
In the case of life, asking ourselves: how am I doing spiritually, emotionally, and physically?
Next, it is time to fill up. Just like you need fuel in your vehicle to continue moving forward
while traveling, our lives need continual renewing and refreshing. Last, it is a chance to re
Most life adjustments that are strategic and sustainable are accomplished by making
small modifications.

So, are you in need of a respite? How are your instruments? What does the fuel gage read? Have
you re calibrated? I would encourage you to get off at the next Rest Stop and know it will make
all the difference as you navigate the roads of your life. By making this wise choice, you will
grow into a deeper sense of Identity, Purpose & Direction.

Thriving Together,