Welcome to 2024! While for some this is an exciting time of year anticipating the New Year’s
focus and initiatives, for others it is a daunting time to reimagine the coming year being a place
of expectation and hope. No matter which camp you find yourself in today, I have good news.
Resilience is your friend and my friend; it is a focus that beckons each of us—no matter what our
context looks like. It is not something we are born with, but better yet something we have the
opportunity to develop. So, how do we navigate this month and this topic well?

To begin, resilience is best defined by the ability to withstand or move forward in the midst
of stress, challenge, and difficulty.
So, when there is a lack of resilience, we quickly become
discouraged, overwhelmed and hopeless. Our ability to embrace who we are, what God is calling
us to do, and boldly take steps forward can be limited or expanded depending on our response to
this focus. I am excited to encourage and equip this community by answering the following
questions throughout this month:

How does Resilience relate to Identity?
How does Resilience relate to Purpose?
How does Resilience relate to Direction?

To start, here are a couple reflection questions that aid us in leaning into the process of building
resilience in our everyday lives:

What is my Mindset?
What are my Purposes?
Who is my Community?

Thriving Together,