My Story

Welcome. I am thrilled you are here! As a life-coach, I am passionate about creating a space to discuss light—how we as a community get clear and move forward. From my earliest remembrance, I found immense joy in “helping” others. Being one of seven children, there was always something to discover and someone to support. My first memorable moment of illumination came as an elementary student—learning and uncovering ideas is fun. So, naturally, school felt like a second home to my soul.

After graduating college, I found my next compatible place in the middle school classroom. Slight detour. Aren’t we all middle schoolers at heart—insecure about something in our lives and anxious about the future? We can all see eye-to-eye in this way. During that time, a second illumination—we all need support and encouragement. Meaning that, we all need someone with us in the trenches rooting hard and believing that the future is good and exciting.

While most seasons and roles overlap, just as I departed the classroom, I was moving into working with schools as a consultant and becoming with my husband the primary caretakers for my in-laws at 32. Both roles produced different fruit personally and professionally, generating my next illumination—a smile, kind word, or gesture of grace always makes a difference. It is within each of us the ability to destroy or preserve another’s dignity. During this season, suffering and sacrifice produced growth, hope, and joy I carry in my spirit.

Concurrent to caretaking was the completion of my doctoral degree. While many view this as the ultimate degree, for me it was the paperwork and title to show the completion of one body of understanding pointing to my subsequent illumination—asking the right questions to the right sources is critical in gaining further understanding which drive purpose and direction in every area of life.

So, at Mastermind we are passionate about learning new ideas, rallying support, choosing kindness, and asking courageous questions that act as a catalyst to move forward with deeper purpose and direction. My hope is that you will feel connection, inspiration, and motivation. I am confident the Master will light the way.

Thriving Together,