Mindsets Matter  

What are your established mindsets? What are your “go-to’s” when it comes to your thinking? When you are faced with fear, doubt, worry…how do you manage those thoughts? How does your thinking respond when the circumstances of your day are unexpected?  As you know, transformation goes from the mind to the heart, so, when we do not win the battle for our minds, our actions do not follow suit. The things that we want to do cannot come to fruition because our minds are not in a place to move forward—ultimately living in our true calling. Alternatively, we are victorious in this area when we adopt the mind of Christ and choose to renew our thoughts moment by moment.       

If you desire to be victorious in your thought life, I encourage you to read or listen to Joyce Meyer in her bestseller “Battlefield of the Mind”. This text presents a life-altering paradigm to adopt—understand why the mind matters, recognize the mind of Christ, and eliminate “wilderness mentalities”. These wilderness mentalities keep you and I from moving forward and living into our Ephesians 2:10 calling. Not only does she provide a thought-provoking metaphor for this concept, but also encourages the reader with practical application. Let’s WIN the battlefield of the mind so that we can live into what God is calling us each to do today!    

Recommended Resource: “Battlefield of the Mind”, Joyce Meyer

Be Rooted: Colossians 3:2

Thriving Together,