In the busiest month of the calendar year, December, each of us is confronted at the deepest level by the idea of margin. Beyond the pace of this month, the focus on accumulation and more is
palpable. Whether one is looking at an unending list of commitments, financial strain or demand
of the season—more can be the primary focus and leave our souls longing for an alternative. So,
how do we navigate this month and this topic well?

To begin, margin is best defined as the space between our load and our limits. So, when there
is a lack of margin or space between these two variables, we quickly become exhausted,
overwhelmed and drained. Our ability to embrace who we are, what God is calling us to do, and
boldly take steps forward is limited by this reality. I am excited to encourage and equip this
community by answering the following questions throughout this month:

  • How does margin relate to Identity?
  • How does margin relate to Purpose?
  • How does margin relate to Direction?

As a starting point, here are a couple ideas to help us lean into the process of navigating margins:

  • Say “No!”. By saying no, you are saying yes to margin.
  • Reduce screen time. By putting a screen limit in place, you are saying yes to margin.
  • Embrace boundaries. By being aware of what you really have to offer, you are saying yes
    to margin.

Thriving Together,