Let’s Explore!

In order to determine the vital few to focus our lives, we must engage in the exercise of exploring. Why? If you and I do not explore options, we will inevitably be trying to do everything which will have a direct impact on the very calling God has on our lives. So, what does essentialism offer as a step-by-step process:

  • Carve out space to think.
  • Take time to look and listen.
  • Give yourself permission to play.
  • Gain wisdom by sleeping.
  • Apply specific criteria to selecting the few.

In order for us to live fully pursuant of God’s calling on our lives, each of these steps must be viewed as valuable and not simply an escape. Each one offers a gift to our soul. So, I would encourage you to start exploring today—seek God on what few things He has chosen for you to pursue!  

Recommended Resource: “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown (p. 63-113)

Be Rooted: Romans 12:2

Thriving Together,