Let’s Execute!

After Eliminating the trivial in your life, it’s time to Execute. This is the moment when an Essentialist mindset really makes a difference. McKeown suggests four steps; as a Christ-follower, I would add a fifth. First and foremost, living in a culture that is 24-hour and 7 day a week available in regard to scheduling demands—it is essential to build in buffers to your schedule. Next, celebrate small wins. As you take one step of faith in your calling, take a moment to rejoice in the journey. The third aspect is adopting a routine; a schedule creates continuity and predictability. Fourth, focusing on what matters to you as a top priority provides peace in the midst of the storm.

  • Build in buffers to your schedule.
  • Celebrate small wins.
  • Adopt a routine.
  • Focus on what matters

The fifth and final step is: Be Rooted in Christ. He is the one who carries all the knowledge, goodness, and power. Staying rooted in Him creates a life deeply rooted in Identity, Purpose and Direction. A legacy worth building!

Recommended Resource: “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown (p. 175-246)
Be Rooted: Psalm 73:26

Thriving Together,