Identity Check

Identity asks the question, “Who am I?”. In Christ this means that you and I can rest knowing that it is not about us; our lives are firmly planted on the unshakeable foundation of Him. When I struggle with my Identity, I find the paradigm Dr. Rob Reimer presents in chapter one of “Soulcare” to be helpful. In my doing, I tend to rely on: controlling, pleasing, and performing. The challenge is that each one of these falls shorts and leaves me struggling with who I am. So, the next time your Identity feels shaky, ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Am I trying to control?
  • Am I trying to please others?
  • Am I trying to perform?  

Every day is a new day, and His mercy is ready to meet you. The rhythm of resetting our Identity on the only unshakeable foundation of Christ is a day-by-day choice…one that will never disappoint your soul.

Be Rooted: Psalm 139:14

Recommended Resource: “Soulcare”, Rob Reimer

Thriving Together,