How can I make a difference?

Has anyone ever asked you how you were doing, and, in your heart, you wanted to respond with, “How long do you have?” But said, “I’m great!” When I started caretaking at 32, I was not aware of a contemporary that was walking the same path. I felt alone and overwhelmed often with the burden of my in-laws’ needs. The reality of buying diapers for my children and my mother-in-law contemporaneously was more than I could bear most of the time. While these were simply routine tasks that could be checked off a list—the weight of the season was not. Are you in a season like this? 

God was gracious and ever faithful during that time, but upon reflecting on that season one of the greatest blessings was simple actions. A friend calling and asking for the 300th time, “how is it going?” Or a school friend dropping off one of my kids after practice or offering childcare. So, today look for someone in your world and ask them how they are doing. Lean in and be with them no matter what they are going through. It may be the very hope that will keep them moving forward. When waiting in line for something instead of scrolling through social media, look up and smile. Dare to look the cashier in the eye with sincerity. Take notice of his or her body language. Maybe ask the person how they are doing and wait for their response. A smile, kind word, or gesture of grace ALWAYS  make a difference.

Thriving Together,

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