Welcome to April—the national month of Hope! I am looking forward to my oldest daughter’s
first college visit, reflecting on the elderly man who graciously commented 16 years ago while I
was carrying her as an infant, “Don’t blink. It goes that fast.” His words were gold. I am
honored to be navigating with her and exploring where God is calling her in the next season of
life. Also, I am eagerly planning the one-year anniversary of Mastermind for Coaching. God has
been faithful at every turn, and recounting his hand of faithfulness has sparked gratitude, vision,
and inspiration for the future.

When I think about the idea of hope and the effect it has had on my journey, I am harkened back
to 2000, 2010, and 2021. The year 2000 brought college graduation and my first tangible
memory of feeling a keen sense of hope for the future. 2010 was the beginning of my journey as
a caretaker for my in-laws, and my first palpable experience of clinging tightly to hope for
myself and my family. 2021 brought me the story of Katherine and Jay Wolf through a text
called “Hope Heals”, and my first understanding of the power that hope carries for all of

For our conversation, hope is defined as an expectation and anticipation anchored in what
we believe
. This month, I am excited to encourage and equip this community by answering the
following questions:

How does Hope relate to Identity?
How does Hope relate to Purpose?
How does Hope relate to Direction?

I would encourage you to begin reflecting on this idea of expectation and anticipation. Do you
feel hopeful in your Identity? Purpose? Direction? What anchors your belief system? How is this
practically applied to your day-to-day? We will explore these questions and more, learning how
hope is an anchor—one that has the power to give us eternal perspective for navigating the
simplest and most difficult circumstances in life.
Take a seat on the boat, know that you are in
good company, and drop anchor so that everything your life touches feels the hope you carry
deep in your soul.

Thriving Together,
~Erin Mander