Last week, I woke up with my pillow lodged underneath my shoulder blade and as soon as I stood upright, I could feel the tightness in my neck and shoulder setting in. Fast forward 48 hours later—I was keenly aware of the reality that I needed help. One of the hardest things in life within any circumstance or context is to say is these three simple words, “I need help!” It is a life-skill that each of us must develop, and it is a dynamic part of the way we were designed. Based on past experience, I knew that the right kind of help was water, stretching, and massaging to ease the strain that was beginning to creep down the back of my arm. What I didn’t need was a counselor, a therapist, or a coach. This simple example represents the idea that knowing and applying the right type of help makes all the difference. Within the context of change and moving forward, applying the right kind of help directly relates to how we navigate the Direction of our lives. 

As someone who is in the professional space known as helpers, what I can confidently say is that there is a place and need for counseling, therapy, and coaching. As a coach and not counselor or therapist, my focus is on future-orientation and goal setting in order to build a confident sense of Identity, Purpose, and Direction. What I do not focus on is emotional regulation or processing trauma from the past. My coaching process focuses on Envisioning, Planning, Implementing, and Transforming. I would encourage you today to humbly ask yourself, what kind of help do I need? I am confident that He will show the way.       

Be Rooted: Proverbs 1:7 

Recommended Resource: Ask yourself: Could I use a helper in my life? What kind of help do I need?  

Thriving Together,