Hearing His Voice

Crawford Loritts reminds us that God has an assignment that He has called each of us to complete, and because of that each one of us is in a position of leadership. To have an eternal impact, it is critical to start with the idea of Brokenness—you and I have nothing, but He has everything we need. This leads to the next quality he discusses as an attribute of an individual who embraces leadership as an Identity: Uncommon Communion, a connection to the things that matter.

What the author is highlighting is the idea of: His presence, His direction and His resources. How much time are you spending with Him each day? How do you know His direction for your life? What resources do you rely on most? The answer to each of these inquiries shed light on how and where your journey is going. Since He gave us the assignment and named us as leaders, let’s lean into His Presence, His Direction and His Resources in order to move forward.

Recommended Resource: “Leadership as an Identity”, Crawford Loritts
Be Rooted: Psalm 105:4

Thriving Together,