Essentialist Mindset

What is the mindset of the Essentialist? Choose, Discern and Trade-Off. These are the overarching ideas when it comes to Essentialism. First, to choose is an action. While each of us may not have control over our options, we do have control over what we choose. McKeown encourages in this area by saying, “The ability to choose cannot be taken away or even given away—it can only be forgotten.” So, today do not be discouraged, remember that you are making choices and do not “have to” do everything that competes for your attention.

Next, each of us must discern the fact that most things in this life are not essential. While we all have different personalities, perspectives and experiences, most items are non-essential. This is a life-giving perspective, especially given the pace of our current culture and mounting pressure in most aspects of life. Finally, trade-offs are inevitable. Each of us makes an exchange each and every day in regard to how we will use our resources, time, and talents. No one can “do it all”.  By applying these three practical principles, our identity in Christ becomes deeper and provides a practical paradigm which aides us in being laser-focused on what and where God has called us today!   

Recommended Resource: “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown (p. 1-57)

Be Rooted: Galatians 6:7,8

Thriving Together,