Welcome to June, summer has arrived! After ending May with a first-time/out-of-state/extended
family trip (insert exclamation mark and heart emoji), I am looking forward to a slower pace and
time to reflect on further Envisioning. The idea is to imagine not only what your current life
looks like, but also imagine what it could look like with deeper focus and intentionality. This
season brings much-needed time to:

-Identify (or Reidentify) what matters to you.
-Clarify (or Reclarify) your Core Values.
-Define (or Redefine) what growth looks like.
-Actively imagine (or Reimagine) your goals.

Each of us is in the individualized process of growing and navigating how to move forward. As a
life and leadership coach, I often do initial client-consults over coffee, and while sipping a Cuban
coffee I passionately dig into the first step of the coaching process—Envisioning. So, whether
this is a new set of concepts or one that resonates deeply with you, jump in and I guarantee that
your life will be enriched. This month, I am excited to encourage, equip, and learn from this
community by exploring the following questions:

-How does Envisioning relate to Identity?
-How does Envisioning relate to Purpose?
-How does Envisioning relate to Direction?

Let’s enjoy this new season together!

Thriving Together,