Another word for change is transformation, and it is my preference when talking about this subject in the greater context of life. Why? Transformation is by Webster’s dictionary, “a dramatic change in form or appearance”. This is the kind of change we could all agree that we want in our lives. If we truly desire this kind of reality, we must go deeper.  

Dr. Reimer suggests our souls are like a suitcase and they must constantly be opened in order to allow the light of Christ to penetrate and heal. In his dynamic text, “Soul Care”, he offers seven life-altering principles to understand and apply: Identity, Repentance, Overcoming Family Sin Patterns, Forgiveness, Healing Wounds, Overcoming Fears and Deliverance. So, after a quick glance at that list, how would you describe your soul? Do you have people in your life that help you unpack your suitcase in a life-giving way? So, next time you think about “change” in your life, examine your soul so that we can live in a transformed state day-by-day through His grace and power. 

Recommended Resource: “Soul Care”, Dr. Rob Reimer

Be Rooted: Matthew 12:34, 35

Thriving Together,