Do you need support & encouragement?

When you reflect on your life, can you remember a time when you deeply needed support and encouragement and felt it? On the other hand, can you remember a time when you deeply needed support and encouragement, but did not feel it? Both questions are critical in the context of this conversation. I love the dictionary definition of support, “to bear all or part of the weight of; hold up”. So, at the core, support is something or someone who bears with you when you cannot hold it all up.

When thinking about encouragement, it is enlightening to consider the converse—discouragement: the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles. Each of us is either walking through a valley or coming out of a valley in some facet of our lives. So, as a starting point, ask yourself today, do I have support and encouragement in my life? Do I feel hopeful and confident? If not, why? Maybe even more impactful, ask yourself, how can I be a support and encouragement to someone today? We ALL need it.

The book I recommend is: “Five to Thrive” by Dr. Kathy Koch. This is a fitting quote from the book: “Who can you trust? They help meet your need for security. Who have you allowed to truly know you? They help meet your need for identity. Who wants you for who you are? They help meet your need for belonging. Who values you and your skills and encourages you to meet people’s needs? They help meet your need for competence. Hopefully you thought of several people who meet each need for you. When one person meets all five, the wholeness that results solidifies the relationship. The resulting love, commitment, and joy strengthen the friendship. These are the people we may most regularly rely on. These friendships last.” (p.22,23)

Thriving Together,