Courageous Obedience

Among all of the popular topics being discussed in our culture, the final aspect Crawford Loritts discusses would not make the list, but I believe it is an essential aspect to completing the assignments God has given you and I in order to make an eternal difference. Obedience. What does this mean? The way that the author describes it is filled with a sense of determination, focus, and power. Each of these aspects comes from the presence of the Lord being carried out in our lives.

So, practically, how do we live a life that is modeled by obedience? First and foremost, we must expect opposition. If you and I are not feeling any opposition to the way in which you are living, there may be areas for growth in regard to obedience. In order to be obedient, we must live out of a place of rest— this is God’s presence. If you and I are not spending time with the Lord, our ability to be courageous will be limited to our will power, this provides inconsistency at best.

Finally, to be living a life filled with obedience we must be in the word of God. Therefore, let’s live lives that are deeply rooted in Identity, Purpose and Direction by modeling: Brokenness, Uncommon Communion, Servanthood and Obedience.

Recommended Resource: “Leadership as an Identity”, Crawford Loritts
Be Rooted: Joshua 1:9

Thriving Together,