Context Counts

Staring out the window of my Midwestern dorm room in college, I distinctly remember my roommate (from Minnesota) saying, “Erin, it isn’t going to rain; just head to practice.” I grew up in a place known as the Sunshine State and when it clouded up mid-afternoon and looked charcoal gray—it was going to rain. And rain hard. Interview someone from my home state and they will confirm that reality. Over time, I learned the pattern and rhythm of this new context and when the gray would roll in, I would move about my day as this was the norm. Now, it was my norm, and I could more easily navigate and make choices within it.

Context is the faces, places, and spaces that make up each one of our lives. It is the landscape by which we gain personal experience and make connections. This reality is unavoidable, constantly expanding, and changing. It is also the place where God has callings on our lives. While every person’s context and callings are different; we share the same Identity in Christ which never changes and serves as a beautiful place to connect. I would encourage you today to recognize the common ground of Christ and appreciate the beauty of our varying contexts.

Be Rooted: Joshua 1:9
Recommended Resource: “Callings for Life”, Jeffrey Leininger

Thriving Together,