Welcome to February! I will never forget my first brush with this idea of looking outside myself
and within myself and wondering, “Am I enough?” “How do I compare?” (sigh, the memories
we all have from middle school). Some within this community simply wish the idea would go
away while others are looking around every corner to see how they measure up—or naturally
somewhere in the middle. Good news: we are all in this together. Yes, this is good news. Two
things I am confident: the reality is unavoidable; God has perspective to offer us. As is the
case with all life topics, God is not scratching his head or at a loss for how we should move
forward. He is not overwhelmed, anxious or threatened by what culture, society, or social media
is offering; or any other outlet of informational flow is espousing.

To begin, for our purpose comparison is best defined by the quality of being similar or
Because we are surrounded by comparisons in every facet of our lives, it is
invaluable to develop a perspective and plan for how to thrive within this construct. Furthermore,
how we see ourselves and how we see others is inextricably connected. When there is a lack of
Biblical perspective and day-to-day action plan, we can quickly think and act as either inferior or
superior. Neither being life-giving. Our ability to embrace who we are, what God is calling us
to do, and boldly take steps forward
can be derailed or empowered dependent upon how we
navigate comparison. This month, I am excited to encourage and equip this community by
answering the following questions:

How does Comparison relate to Identity?
How does Comparison relate to Purpose?
How does Comparison relate to Direction?

To start this month, as Heather Holleman suggests, take a seat. It’s good, look around at
everyone at the table. Know that together we can be free in a culture of comparison because we
are seated with Christ.

Thriving Together,
~Erin Mander