In the busiest month of the calendar year, December, each of us is confronted at the deepest level by the idea of margin. Beyond the pace of this month, the focus on accumulation and more ispalpable. Whether one is looking at an unending list of commitments, financial strain or demandof the season—more can be the […]

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Let’s Explore!

In order to determine the vital few to focus our lives, we must engage in the exercise of exploring. Why? If you and I do not explore options, we will inevitably be trying to do everything which will have a direct impact on the very calling God has on our lives. So, what does essentialism

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What Matters and Purpose

The first question I ask when Envisioning in the coaching process is: what matters most to you? Throughout all of human history, individuals have been asking this question. So, this is not an original idea, but once that list is made a natural inquiry rises to the surface—what on earth am I hear for? This

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How can I make a difference?

Has anyone ever asked you how you were doing, and, in your heart, you wanted to respond with, “How long do you have?” But said, “I’m great!” When I started caretaking at 32, I was not aware of a contemporary that was walking the same path. I felt alone and overwhelmed often with the burden

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