Welcome to April—the national month of Hope! I am looking forward to my oldest daughter’sfirst college visit, reflecting on the elderly man who graciously commented 16 years ago while Iwas carrying her as an infant, “Don’t blink. It goes that fast.” His words were gold. I amhonored to be navigating with her and exploring where […]

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Welcome to March! I am looking forward to spring break, my 20th wedding anniversary, andEaster at the close of this month. What are you looking forward to? In the past six months, myoldest daughter has started driving and in the process of learning she has asked me a plethora ofquestions ranging from, “Mom, why is

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Welcome to February! I will never forget my first brush with this idea of looking outside myselfand within myself and wondering, “Am I enough?” “How do I compare?” (sigh, the memorieswe all have from middle school). Some within this community simply wish the idea would goaway while others are looking around every corner to see

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Welcome to 2024! While for some this is an exciting time of year anticipating the New Year’sfocus and initiatives, for others it is a daunting time to reimagine the coming year being a placeof expectation and hope. No matter which camp you find yourself in today, I have good news.Resilience is your friend and my

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Why Pottery?

From the moment that I bought my first piece of pottery, I was hooked. There is something supernatural about holding a creation in your hand that was once dust but is now a masterpiece. Every piece that I choose is magnificent to me. As a potter in Maine once told me, “Erin, you are all

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Identity Check

Identity asks the question, “Who am I?”. In Christ this means that you and I can rest knowing that it is not about us; our lives are firmly planted on the unshakeable foundation of Him. When I struggle with my Identity, I find the paradigm Dr. Rob Reimer presents in chapter one of “Soulcare” to

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My Story

Welcome. I am thrilled you are here! As a life-coach, I am passionate about creating a space to discuss light—how we as a community get clear and move forward. From my earliest remembrance, I found immense joy in “helping” others. Being one of seven children, there was always something to discover and someone to support.

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Each one of us is traveling on a different path, but while we differ in that way, we are similar inthat we are all experiencing what is known as life. This is a journey that takes us on many roads,some are desired while others are not. It is my joy to be on the ride

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Courageous Obedience

Among all of the popular topics being discussed in our culture, the final aspect Crawford Loritts discusses would not make the list, but I believe it is an essential aspect to completing the assignments God has given you and I in order to make an eternal difference. Obedience. What does this mean? The way that

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Giver vs. Taker

A mentor once told me that there are two types of people in this world: givers and takers. As a new middle school teacher, that concept became permanently engrained in my day-to-day functioning. What my mentor was referring to was consistent with Crawford Loritts’ focus—servanthood. This is the concept of living and remaining in a

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