The first aspect of viewing leadership as an Identity focuses on the concept of brokenness. When looking at a secular view of leadership, this component does not make the list. But if we are simply travelers passing through this broken world—this is our beautiful, starting place…a place of surrender.

Brokenness starts with a posture that wakes up each every day and says if God doesn’t show up, I am sunk. Conversely, when we walk in a posture of “I’ve got it!”, then we are bound to live a life of pride
and self-fulfillment. Because you have an assignment from God, you are a leader. And, because you want to leave a legacy—an eternal contribution— a good starting place is brokenness! You will be encouraged by what God can do.

Recommended Resource: “Leadership as an Identity”, Crawford Loritts
Be Rooted: I John 4:17

Thriving Together,