Welcome to June, summer has arrived! After ending May with a first-time/out-of-state/extendedfamily trip (insert exclamation mark and heart emoji), I am looking forward to a slower pace andtime to reflect on further Envisioning. The idea is to imagine not only what your current lifelooks like, but also imagine what it could look like with deeper […]

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Welcome to May—undeniably one of the busiest months of the year! From my inboxoverflowing with requests and demands, it feels like an onslaught of our time, resources andultimately our lives. God designed us to live out of a place of Rest, every month of the year.Because May is not an exception to His way, how

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Welcome to April—the national month of Hope! I am looking forward to my oldest daughter’sfirst college visit, reflecting on the elderly man who graciously commented 16 years ago while Iwas carrying her as an infant, “Don’t blink. It goes that fast.” His words were gold. I amhonored to be navigating with her and exploring where

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Why a Rest Stop?

Each one of us is traveling on a different road, but on the same journey known as life. It bringsme joy to know I am sharing the roadways with you. Over time, it is life-giving to get off at aRest Stop. The original purpose of a Rest Stop by the Illinois State Highway Department in

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Welcome to March! I am looking forward to spring break, my 20th wedding anniversary, andEaster at the close of this month. What are you looking forward to? In the past six months, myoldest daughter has started driving and in the process of learning she has asked me a plethora ofquestions ranging from, “Mom, why is

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Welcome to February! I will never forget my first brush with this idea of looking outside myselfand within myself and wondering, “Am I enough?” “How do I compare?” (sigh, the memorieswe all have from middle school). Some within this community simply wish the idea would goaway while others are looking around every corner to see

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Welcome to 2024! While for some this is an exciting time of year anticipating the New Year’sfocus and initiatives, for others it is a daunting time to reimagine the coming year being a placeof expectation and hope. No matter which camp you find yourself in today, I have good news.Resilience is your friend and my

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In the busiest month of the calendar year, December, each of us is confronted at the deepest level by the idea of margin. Beyond the pace of this month, the focus on accumulation and more ispalpable. Whether one is looking at an unending list of commitments, financial strain or demandof the season—more can be the

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Why Pottery?

From the moment that I bought my first piece of pottery, I was hooked. There is something supernatural about holding a creation in your hand that was once dust but is now a masterpiece. Every piece that I choose is magnificent to me. As a potter in Maine once told me, “Erin, you are all

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Last week, I woke up with my pillow lodged underneath my shoulder blade and as soon as I stood upright, I could feel the tightness in my neck and shoulder setting in. Fast forward 48 hours later—I was keenly aware of the reality that I needed help. One of the hardest things in life within

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