How to move forward  

Have you ever navigated a challenging season and recognized God’s hand of faithfulness in your life? After 7 years of caretaking, my husband and I buried my mother-in-law, and that season of my life suddenly came to an abrupt end. I knew God’s grace and faithfulness during that time, but the circumstance had suddenly changed. While I was ready to leave the heaviness of the season, I struggled with the idea of moving forward. Maybe you have found yourself in a season where you are asking that same question, how do I move forward? It could be your personal circumstance or a professional circumstance or an integration of the two.

Biblically, God parted the Red Sea and divided the Jordan River for His people. Robert Morgan uses the latter narrative to provide a paradigm for moving forward. So, whatever circumstance you are navigating right now, know that God wants you to move forward. How? Morgan provides strategic steps: Realize God Means for you to move Forward, Say No to Discouragement & Yes to Strength, Step up to the Moment, Find Someone to Help along the Way, Expect God to Guide you Where you have Never been Before, Prepare Today for Tomorrow’s Wonders, Trust God to turn Problems into Pathways, Build a Monument, You’re not in Charge but Remember Who is, & Encircle Obstacles with Biblical Faith and Shout for Victory. Let’s move forward and allow Him to divide the river!

Recommended Resource: “Jordan River Rules”, Robert Morgan

Be Rooted: Joshua 4:23

Thriving Together,